Safes & Security Cabinets

Our top of the line fire & burglary resistant safes are stylish yet the most secured way of keeping your valuables safe,
be it a hotel room or your home.

AE Series : Equipped with complete technical specifications of a fire & burglary resistant safe and hotel safe.

  • Metal safe with double wall in the housing.
  • Enhanced protection of the castle, door locks with cut hinges.
  • The entire perimeter of the safe is fire insulated.
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    Our fire resistant filing cabinets and security storage cabinets are custom made to be the functional unit of every office desk. They are modified and enhanced regularly to maximize user convenience and advanced safety standards.
    AV Series

  • Designed to store and protect documents in case of fire.
  • Double wall construction, the gap between the inner and outer walls is filled with heat insulating material which protects the contents from fire.
  • Thickness of door – 60MM.
  • Door opening angle up to 180 degrees due to external hinges.
  • Three point locking mechanism, 5 bolts 20MM in diameter.
  • Standard delivery with double-bit high security, key lock with two keys + handle.

    – Metal cabinet for storage of weapons and ammunition. Cabinet dimensions: 1500 (H) х 480 (W) х 320 (D) MM. Weight of the cabinet: 53 kg.

    – Metal cabinet for storage of weapons and ammunition with upto 5 isolated cells. Cabinet dimensions: 1500 (H) x 480 (W) x 320 (D) MM. Weight of the cabinet: 74 kg.

    – Metal cabinet for storage of weapons and ammunition. The cabinet door to the blockade in 6 points – one at the top and bottom, and four vertical. Additional lock-block on the handle. On the inside of the door metal cabinet holder arm rod and additional shelf for accessories. Cabinet dimensions: 1500 (H) х 500 (W) х 300 (D) MM. Weight of the cabinet: 106 kg.

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